Toxic Tort


Strong Pipkin's experience in asbestos litigation spans the course of the litigation itself, beginning with the seminal Borel trial and appeal. It has evolved with trials and appeals for insulation manufacturers ranging from the biggest to the more peripherally involved and from traditional insulation products to non dust-producing products.

As the litigation grew to include additional defendants, Strong Pipkin has broadened its representation to include an insulation contractor and a protective equipment manufacturer. Clients' products involved in asbestos litigation have expanded from pipe insulation to turbines, welding rods, roofing materials, electrical fittings, protective equipment and other construction materials.

Since participating in the earliest asbestos trials in the country, we have been an active participant in trials involving hundreds of Plaintiffs including Cimino, Chatham, and numerous others including claims of mesothelioma. The firm served as trial counsel to 25 oil and chemical companies in the nation's first premises litigation beginning in the mid 1980's and currently maintains an active statewide premises docket. Strong Pipkin has successfully defended a major oil and chemical company against claims that the dangers of asbestos exposure and medical screening results were fraudulently concealed by them.


Oil and chemical companies rely on Strong Pipkin for litigation involving varying types of blood cancers and other blood-related disorders or malignancies allegedly caused by exposure to chemicals. In addition to litigating significant cases involving premises liability and medical monitoring, the firm has handled trace benzene cases for various household product manufacturers across Texas.

Our experience includes cases involving alleged exposure to butadiene in plants and community exposures with multiple plaintiffs, PCBs, vinyl chloride, Agent Orange, formaldehyde, DDT, solvents, radiation, ethylene oxide, toluene, local and community hydrogen sulfide releases, organic amines and welding fumes involving all kinds of cancers, peripheral neuropathies, and blood diseases.


For over 25 years, in courts across the country, Strong Pipkin has defended manufacturers and sellers of welding products against claims that use of those products resulted in exposures to various gases and particulate, including metals and asbestos, resulting in pulmonary and neurological injury.


Since the 1970s, Strong Pipkin has represented numerous premises owners and product manufacturing clients on a statewide basis. Sand suppliers, manufacturers of dust collection systems, air compressor manufacturers and respiratory equipment manufacturers are among those that have counted on our litigation experience.