Environmental Law

Strong Pipkin's environmental experience includes cases involving underground storage tanks, seismic testing damage, CERCLA and superfund sites, airborne contamination and contamination of public and private water sources.

Some of the firm's largest cases have involved claims of airborne contamination, sometimes involving thousands of plaintiffs. In one such case we successfully defended a client against more than 3,000 plaintiffs claiming physical injury from alleged releases of airborne contaminants, including excessive amounts of hydrogen sulfide, sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter.

Our lawyers apply both creativity and technology to support our clients. In one punitive class action suit involving more than 8,000 properties, for example, we conceived a mapping project and database involving almost 100 years of historical data, enabling near-instant recall of information that included potential alternative sources of contamination. The case was voluntarily dismissed by plaintiff's counsel.